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EnergyStore Solar Flooded

Features of the Energystore battery range

Made in Australia – The Energystore range of batteries are manufactured by GNB industrial power, to AS4086.1 under an AS9001 quality assurance standard scheme.

Recyclable – Over 97% of the battery is recyclable. All lead and plastic compoents are able to be reprocessed by GNB Industrial power at the end of your battery’s life.

The Energystore range of batteries especially designed for remote area power systems; in particular systems requiring optimum battery performance at the 100 hour rate have the following features.

1.    High density polyethylene case: Individual two volt cells have their own polyethylene container and are then encased in a rugged polyethylene outer case. This design gives great strength and very high impact resistance.

2.    Increased electrolyte: The volume of electrolyte in this range of cells increased by 50% compared with conventional cycling cells. This gives the cells three significant advantages:
Firstly, the 100 hour capacity is dramatically improved (by approximately one third) Secondly, the frequency of topping up is reduced and only be required every 2-3 months, on newer cells. Thirdly, there is an increased heat sink capability which gives this range a greater resistance to high peak ambient temperatures, which are commonly experienced in outback Australia  

3.    Great cycling capability: These cells are capable of delivering 1500 cycles to 80% depth of discharge and 2500 cycles to 50% depth of discharge. for discharge of 30%, 3500 can be expected, and in shallow cycle applications even greater cycling capabilities are achieved.
Manufactured using robust tubular plates.

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Model Cell Voltage C120 C100  Cycles @ 80%DOD Cycles @ 50%DOD Cycles @ 20%DOD  
830-6v 6 910 830 1500 2500 4000  
1080-6v 6 1180 1080 1500 2500 4000  
1330-4v 4 1460 1330 1500 2500 4000  
1600-4v 4 1700 1600 1500 2500 4000  
1800-4v 4 1875 1800 1500 2500 4000  
1950-4v 4 2058 1950 1500 2500 4000  
2200-4v 4 2322 2200 1500 2500 4000  



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